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Ottawa Semiconductor Fab is a soon-to-be-built III-V semiconductor tech campus ( 100 + acres) located in Ottawa, Canada. It will host manufacturing for semiconductors, research and academia as well as other amenities related to compound semiconductors

SILICAN - Semiconductor Industry Leadership and Innovation Canada Action Network:
SILICAN in its First Steps for Canada report identified

• Geopolitical developments in Asia have also created an urgent imperative to bolster domestic chip capacity to protect Canada’s economic and national security and sovereignty.
• The federal government has made considerable investments in clean tech, AI, EVs and other fields entirely reliant on advanced chip technology - investing in bolstering the domestic chip industry will enhance the value of all of these investments and boost innovation by connecting producers and end users of chips.
• The government should seize a generational opportunity, keep deep industrial expertise in Canada and give domestic companies a significant edge through clustering effects by investing in upscaling the NRC’s Canadian Photonics Fabrication Centre (CPFC) and allowing it to operate as a standalone world-class commercial pure-play fab independent of government.
• Canada should build a robust “ braided river “ of talent at all levels of the industry by funding top talent development through advanced basic and applied research as well as identifying and working with provinces, industry and post- secondary institutions to fill workforce training gaps.

CMC Microsystems states:
• Canada needs to secure its supply of advanced technological devices, protect its intellectual property, and increase manufacturing onshore.
• The goal of FABriC is to grow onshore manufacturing in key technology areas with existing Canadian suppliers, to commercialize access to these processes internationally, and to use components designed and built in Canada to make intelligent sensor technology for the Internet of Things (IoT) applications including 5G, medical technologies, autonomous vehicles, and natural resource management.
• Manufacturing is important for the economy & security of supply chains, and for sustainable competitive advantage for Canadian companies.
• Ottawa, Ontario: Compound Semiconductor sandbox for process exploration prior to transferring customers to the Canadian Photonic Fabrication Centre ( CPFC). The local universities are proposing a facility similar to the one described here for compound semiconductors teaching and research (SECTR) so it could be the target investment in Ottawa, or the money could be split between a new facility and further expansion of the CPFC.

If your group falls under one of these subgroups:
• Bring together interested partners to join our vision of becoming a world leader in the manufacturing of compound semiconductors.
• Partnerships to support the world class ecosystem for semiconductors located in Ottawa – Kanata.
• Partnerships and training to support Canadian Universities and Colleges, and Training schools that would integrate and support our world class academia ecosystem.
• Partnerships to include GaN power systems and InP LiDAR sensing.
• Partnerships to include development of InP for applications in communications.
• Partnerships/stakeholders to build a FLEXFAB for III-V semiconductors, enabling commercial manufacturing and prototyping/research.
• Partnerships to include, support & enhance EV battery development; Federal & Provincial of investment in to EVs have exceeded $30B CAD.
• Partnerships to support new semiconductor companies seeking to expand their manufacturing facilities into new, stand alone facilities in our tech campus.
• Partnerships building upon Ottawa’s ecosystem of world class knowledge which supported NORTEL, JDS, MITEL and many other companies.
• Partnerships to support the next generation of autonomous vehicles through advanced compound semiconductors.

If any of these goals align with your firms goals, we should discuss a partnership arrangement made to fit your firm’s strategic goals.

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